Cloud Covered Transylvania

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When weather can be unfortunate, it can be so so fortunate. It wasn’t the Spring crisp blue skies I’d experienced for most of my time in Romania, instead I was met with an unpredicted change of view. When the clouds … Read More

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

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Imagine waking up to it snowing inside your tent, clearly the consequences of cooking inside the night before. One of my colder nights I’ve spent on expedition and a near hypothermia feeling. Unzipping the tent to find clear blue skies, … Read More

Solar Power For Expeditions

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For many years I’ve battled with the idea of leaving technology behind when travelling in the wilderness or needing solar power for expeditions, but in today’s world it becomes a more and more innovative way of improving your journey. Whether a solo traveller … Read More

Creating a Bucket List

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Do you have a bucket list? At TOMORROWBEAR we believe this list is one of the most important tasks to undertake in the belief that all things are possible. Its 2014, make it happen! When starting your bucket list, its … Read More

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