Why Are We Here?

ute-norwegian-magasineAs well as being a one stop shop for the intrepid traveller to source all that’s wild in responsible travel. We will inspire a trip or travel experience that may not have popped into your head before. Something a little less mainstream perhaps, but one would ultimately do it! if you knew how, where and who provides it. Well here we are! Bringing you some of the most adventurous activities from some of our worlds most wildest locations. Something unexpected to remember for the rest of your life. These are not just holidays, but achievements and memories. What you thought was in your wildest dreams are being brought to you here.

The inspiration came from being a solo traveller. Occasionally it’s difficult to find friends who are not only able, but want a similar trip to your own dreams. If you are like minded and want to be active on your holidays, we want to show you the best adventures that allow you to wander the wilderness, venture safely and as freely as possible. Therefore it is important to introduce you to the experts in those fields, the very best of explorers!  The inspirational people who know every detail of the climate and terrain. We want you to meet your team mates, gain friends and hey, potentially meet your partners in crime along the way!

“Set out from any point. They are all alike. They all lead to a point of departure.”
― Antonio Porchia

We will responsibly source all aspects and providers of authentic adventure and nature travel. Expeditions into the wilderness and in doing so pay homage to our ecosystems.


Our Ethics

sheepWe love a sheep here, but we don’t want to be just sheep, we want to be a tiger, an elephant, a whale and dolphin too!
So how do we do this and at the same time help conserve our wildlife habitat? We are after all going to venture in to their world. Respect it! Learn from it and you will return with the reality that the bits we don’t mess with are the most inspiring places left on Earth. And if you do find you want to go completely off the grid, we’ll help you source your equipment and tent here too!

We promote responsible travel into the wilderness by following information and guidelines to safely traverse, camp and be active amongst nature. Not to interfere or disturb natural habitat which can cause an animal to feel cornered, or attract attention that creates conflict between species. Safety is paramount in creating a good news story or positive media for our wildlife. To promote coexistence and continue to educate the pessimistic.

We might not be able to stop global warming but we can try and slow it down. Swap a motor engine for a bicycle or a kayak once in a while and depending on the climate, perhaps a sled too!

We might not be able to change ancient traditions, but we can certainly reinforce the educated message in not wanting to see captive animals. Together decrease the demand and instead support the desire to see our beautiful wildlife thrive in their own habitat. To see a bear being a bear, watch a humpback breach, a polar bear heading for higher ground, a lion untamed. We don’t want to see a trained sea lion doing tricks here! but instead to thrive on the shores of our coastlines.

“I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized, I am somebody.” – Source Unknown


About Me

hang-glidingI’d like to offer some insight into why I consider myself proficient to source and share first-rate outdoor activities, where to best enjoy them, responsibly view wildlife in their natural habitat and advise on how to be ethical in your travels.

Id like to say I was born in to adventure sports but I did in fact cut my teeth on a Hang glider A frame, My first birthday was spent in Kossen Austria during the first ever official world Hang gliding championships in 1976.

At the age of 3 with a vast lack of experience, My father took me to air where I performed my first loop the loop – shriek of exhilaration. I spent most of my early childhood clambering from a camper van high up in a mountain range somewhere in Europe.

A couple of years later, we relocated to Cornwall for my father to follow his ambition. In 1981 he founded Adventure Sports Multi Activity Holidays, The forerunners of adventure action holidays in the UK.
This is where my knowledge base grew somewhere beyond my age. Building sandcastles on the dunes of Perranporth whilst my father gave tuition to his students on updrafts and dynamics of the wind. With a glint in our eye, my brother and I would quietly chip in with the exact answers word for word, causing my father frequent frustration.

Over the coming years it was an exciting time of new invented adrenalin sports, I was one of the first of the younger generation to Paraglide. In addition I was taught by the British senior champion how to surf, or I’d chose to scuba dive, water-ski , jump on a jet ski or crew a Hobie Cat. On the coasts of Cornwall, no matter what the weather or wind direction… we were active. *

I later worked for Adventure Sports, subsequently have my own RYA powerboat license and now continue my adventures around the world.

hobie-catI therefore possess an instinct for seeking out the unknown and off the beaten track experiences with a thirst for travelling independently. During 2012/13 I spent time kayaking in the Lofoten archipelago, travelled further north to became a proficient husky musher and highly competent wilderness camper in Arctic conditions.

I have also spent much time in the Scottish Highland’s, wilderness camping and doubt there are many lochs I haven’t ventured. Having recently purchased my new Trak folding kayak will enable me to venture many more throughout the UK and beyond.

However I am a jack of all trades and master of none, unlike my brother who took the risks he was always better than I. But in that failing I grew a desire to try everything and never a purist for just one. Therefore have kept my options open throughout life, keeping my eyes open to experience all I can.

I don’t just love nature; I thrive from being in the wilderness, so I have dedicated much time following conservation and wildlife issues. In previous years I have been somewhat broken over deforestation, animal cruelty and wildlife which are improperly held in captivity.

I have since found strength in finding a way to help and be active in wildlife conservation. I never ignore an issue brought to my attention and when not raising funds, I am raising awareness. I take pride in researching the deeper root of a problem and relentlessly follow the guidelines and advice of some of our most respected animal welfare and rehabilitation charities.

A clear motivation of this website is to bring nature to people ethically. To decrease the desire of people to see wildlife in captivity** and respect our truly wonderful world. Actively promote sports which complement our surroundings.

I have much yet to accomplish……

* To this day I still draw on my fathers knowledge on a regular basis…. Founder and Chief Instructor of Adventure Sports over 20 years. A former Hang Gliding test pilot and National team member at world championship level. BHPA Senior Paragliding Instructor and CFI. He is currently an RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor, RYA Jetski Instructor, RYA Sailing Instructor and RYA Windsurfing Instructor. MCA Commercial Skipper. An MLTB / SPSA Climbing Instructor, a BSA Surfing Instructor and an SLSABeach Lifeguard. He is a Waterski and Wakeboard coach with over 30 years experience.


** Many wildlife zoos, reserves and oceanarium’s keep animals captive which have been taken from the wild. At TOMORROWBEAR we do not condone these entertainment facilities. We aim to produce a list of all responsible zoo’s and sanctuaries that assist conservation and genuine rehabilitation sites. We acknowledge the need for captive breeding programmes of rare, threatened, or endangered species.