In Aid of the Moon Bears

A wonderful Starry Night for the Moon Bears…..

it certainly was.

The Downton Abbey cast Lesley Nicol, Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech, Lily James and Joanne Froggatt joined Peter Egan and the inspiring Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson, for a spectacular night of heart-warming presentations at the renowned Gilgemesh Restaurant. Sad as well as many happy tears, were followed by much fun and laughter. We were lucky enough to be dazzled by the cast of Downton and the charming Michelle Dockery giving several outstanding stand up performances, and a very noteworthy rendition of Bang Bang (You shot me down) with the same honeyed tones of Nancy Sinatra, it was as funny as could be.


We were proud to join them in not only raising awareness and funds to help the moon bears see an end to their misery whilst captive within bear bile farms, but to celebrate their incredible achievements so far “From Farm to Freedom Peace by Piece”

Hearing each bears story hasn’t let me think about it since without gulping back the sadness, but seeing everyone who attended being so passionate about the cause is something to behold. Lesley Nicol, Peter Egan and Jill Robinson touched us deeply with their personal experiences and time spent with the moon bears. Animals Asia warmly welcomed us all to claim our piece of history in the making, the charity are producing some of the most significant changes for animal welfare witnessed today.




For the first time ever, turning a bear bile farm into a sanctuary as well as gaining Asian super brand Hello Kitty to back Animals Asia to end bear bile farming is an astonishing achievement. Bringing the bears plight to a whole new younger audience in Asia has got to be one of the most effective turning points in changing an understanding of an industry that needs to see it’s end.


image_1As you know TOMORROWBEAR like all who know nature and wildlife, want to see captivity and cruelty of all animals end for good. Our name is inspired by the positives we can achieve for conservation and our wildlife in a rapidly changing world. Where we/us can make a difference in our own lifetime by raising awareness of the wonderful natural world we have, where we can be guardians of our wildlife and their habitat. Moon Bears are most certainly one of them who need our helpful trusting hand.

Please support Animals Asia’s work and be a part of the history they are creating right now with your much needed help. Donate by clicking the below button to take you to the Animals Asia website:

Donate to help Animals Asia see an end to Bear-Bile Farming

Angie-and-LizzieTOMORROWBEAR entered the auction held by Peter Egan with gusto, bidding on the delicious and enormous vegan cake and donating £500 to the Moon Bears. We were informed that the ultimate funny man and animal welfare supporter himself – Ricky Gervais bought the cake at the last auction for double this amount and gave it out to the lovely people who support the cause. We too are doing the same and will be at The Red Lion and Sun in Highgate Village tomorrow (22nd June 2014) from noon, raising awareness and donations for Animals Asia by handing out the wonderful cake.

This vegan chocolate cake is quite simply, delicious! Hannah Bechler, the cake maker works tirelessly for Animals Asia fundraising behind the scenes. Her contact for cake enquiries is and website Cakemeaway, and I can’t wait to have a reason to order!

We would love to organise with more notice the following week but this cake is fresh and delicious, so it needs to be appreciated today, maybe tomorrow too.




Update for today’s Lunchtime give-away of the cake. Thank you for all the donations and the Red Lion And Sun for having us. Animals Asia have been sent an email notifying them of the £100 + received. 

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  1. Angie Cruse

    We raised another £100 + today and still have a 3rd of the cake left to give away. Thank you to all at the Red Lion and Sun, who listened and graciously donated to the Moon Bears! An email has been sent to Animals Asia of our lovely lunchtime give away, with notice of the kind donations received. Thank you.

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