Creating a Bucket List

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Do you have a bucket list?

At TOMORROWBEAR we believe this list is one of the most important tasks to undertake in the belief that all things are possible. Its 2014, make it happen!expedition-boots

When starting your bucket list, its important to remember to never consider it complete. Keeping an open mind allows one to be inspired and have a thirst for more.

Experience and knowledge changes everything. Conservation is everything. I have always had strong desires to meet wildlife, but without the knowledge I have now, these interactions would have been very different. With my huge adoration of animals since childhood, all I could ever imagine was an elephant trek in Thailand, swimming with dolphins or a close interaction with a chimpanzee.

Following the work of many conservation charities over the years, I now understand what is right for conservation and rehabilitation. My list is now updated with this being one of my main objectives, what can I do to make a difference? For instance, the petting of wild animals is clearly not in the guidelines for rehabilitation and subsequently condones captivity.
After numerous expeditions, you learn how to respect the ecosystem you are travelling within. For me, seeing wildlife in its most natural habitat is the most enlightening and exhilarating experience of them all, and TOMORROWBEAR endeavours to source all that is ethical in ones quest for discovery.

Have big aspirations and goals but don’t forget the day to day possibilities. There are doors that can be opened for bigger adventures along the way. Set realistic time-scales to achieve your dreams. Some have obstacles that may take time such as finances or current fitness levels –¬†make these a goal too.


Make a hard copy, don’t lose your dreams. Review regularly, so as not to lose sight and get waylaid¬†with work or small worries that can get in the way. Refine your list and take out what is improbable due to new circumstances. Keeping it real!
Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to make yourself accountable. Use your social media to share your goals. I always find more determination to achieve and prove to yourself it could actually happen this year! and get support from family and friends in the process.

But never forget, everything is possible when you really desire something. Write it down and put your mind to it.

I am currently updating my own bucket list, I will keep you posted.

Happy New Year! May you follow your dreams…..


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