Humpback Whale Watching in Tromso

The Polar Night, 12th December 2013.pod-humpbacks

On the shores of Grotfjord making the most of the few daylight hours – what is known as the blue light, I stood bracing myself in anticipation of seeing Humpback whale’s for the first time. Winds up to 30 knots and -12c, my camera wasn’t up to it, but for me it added to the exhilarating experience of being amongst nature and a remote location. It was very apparent that my friends guiding me live amongst nature in abundance, but never tire of the thrill of the whales activity. They were clearly as excited as I was. I firmly beleive that being amongst like-minded appreciators of nature to be so important to your own experience. One of my main motivations for creating TOMORROWBEAR is to bring the like-minded together.

I always intend to keep my expectations low when it comes to tracking and observing nature. One needs patience and a strong will to respect our wildlife’s natural habitat and path. Should you follow reports of the dangers our cetaceans face in the ocean, you can’t help but remember how emotional it is to see a whale for the first time.

Then the magic began! We couldn’t have had more pods surface in one place, looking in all directions they rose to feed in rough choppy waters. We witnessed the cylindrical motion of the pods surrounding the krill with nets of bubbles, then lunging through the middle. Their incredible expanding pleated throats when they threw themselves upwards and getting a clear view of the eye of a whale is particularly heart warming. They were everywhere as if it was our very own show, in that special place on the shores of Grotfjord, we were the only one’s there.

Although the wind and the rough seas on this occasion hindered the ability to hear the whales, I am very grateful for the experience within these bracing conditions and scenery that first day. Blown away…. literally! But to add to our sweet interaction amongst some of the most majestic creatures on earth – The Humpbacks, a sea otter popped by, as if we had something to offer.

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