Bear Sanctuary Book by Victor Watkins

I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Watkins on my recent trip to The Bear Sanctuary.

Victor has over 35 years experience in animal welfare and a senior advisor at the WSPA, now known as World Animal Protection. 

The Bear Sanctuary book offers the reader a fantastic insight into the important elements of a true animal sanctuary, where you can follow the creation, arrival of the bears and constant care of the animals within this wonderfully written account and photographic documentation of its progress.

This is an insightful & accurate guide to find out the difference between the animal’s welfare being the paramount purpose of a sanctuary with the education of future generations being the next biggest consideration, to that of a “sanctuary” where human entertainment is considered of primary importance.

Too many sanctuaries still have very confusing messages to the animal loving community and here you can find out the outstanding achievement’s of the Libearty Bear Sanctuary and other bear sanctuaries throughout the world where they have achieved nothing less than happiness. Offering us a guidance of how to identify what really offers these animals a home to enjoy, play and forage in the safety of their own environment, where sadly rehabilitation is not an option. 



“Now a wonderfully illustrated new book by Victor Watkins describes the creation of a bear sanctuary in Romania, the problems faced, and the determination of those involved in ensuring the success of the project.

Situated in the oak forests of the Carpathian Mountains, above the town of Zarnesti in central Romania, this sanctuary provides a home for bears rescued from cages outside restaurants and petrol stations, where they were used to attract customers, and from zoos faced with closure.

In just a few short years the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, as it is known locally, has helped change attitudes towards the protection of wildlife in Romania. Previously, the sight of a caged bear outside a restaurant was not uncommon, but today anyone found keeping a captive bear is reported to the Romanian authorities and the animal is swiftly confiscated and moved to the sanctuary.”

About the Author – Over the past two decades Victor Watkins has worked with animal groups around the world to highlight the exploitation of bears and to gain public and government support to end cruel practices such as dancing bears in Europe and Asia, bear farming in Asia, bear-baiting in Pakistan and the use of captive bears for public entertainment.

  • Bear Sanctuary By Victor Watkins
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  • The Creation of the Libearty Bear Sanctuary and others in Turkey, Greece, Thailand and even in China.
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