cairngorms logoThe Cairngorms National Park offers a variety of landscapes, terrain and wildlife as well as an abundance of activities such as trekking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing and even dog sledding.

The wildlife is rich and protected with many exceptional Conservation Projects assisting species to thrive and be re-introduced. I have personally had the pleasure of seeing ospreys and pine martens as well as an abundance of rare wetland birds. The RSPB Bird Identifier is a great resource for anyone going to the Cairngorms, especially if you are spending a few days canoeing.

Wild country camping here allows you to wake up in the heart of nature and the elements, and have found the Cairngorms can offer less rain and more shelter than the West.

Although midges can be an issue, it is most definitely controllable and will not spoil your time here if simple measures are taken. Keeping the tent door shut in the evening, burning citronella and using natural products such as Ingocnito. Also ensure you have a face net at times such as cooking your evening meal.

2000 square km of the Cairngorms is moorland offering its baron and vast landscapes, and the rich pine forests and fast flowing salmon rivers are the contrasting and close up additions to its terrain.

Britain’s highest and most massive mountain range: its biggest native forests; spectacularly clean rivers and lochs; moorland and farmland and a stronghold for Britain’s wildlife – this special place offers the warmest of welcomes from people who live and work here. Whatever your interest, The Cairngorms website tells you everything you want to know about the National Park and the work of the Park Authority and its partners.

To find further activities in The Cairngorms, please visit our Adventures page where we are listing a number of ethical suppliers of canoeing, trekking and cycling.

Remember to always LEAVE NO TRACE, any human waste remaining and irresponsible camping is a threat to our wildlife.

Recommended Wilderness Camping spots
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