Explore Lofoten guides you through 50 great outdoor adventures in the Norwegian archipelago Lofoten, all by foot, bike, kayak and skis. The trips vary in difficulty, from challenging summits to simple family friendly trips. 
The book also holds information about restaurants, museums, galleries, tourist offices and guide companies. 
In the book you will find both overview maps and a detailed map for each trip. The book is packed with gorgeous visuals of the stunning landscape.

Welcome to the world´s most beautiful archipelago!

In addition to hiking trips, this guidebook offers suggestions for enjoyable road biking excursions, spectacular mountain biking routes, idyllic kayaking, and spectacular skiing adventures. You will learn about where to play golf under the midnight sun, where to go horseback riding, and what areas to choose for the best rock-climbing.

You will also find information about restaurants, pubs, museums, galleries, tourist offices, and guiding companies. 

Welcome to the Magic islands!