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Folbot owners get out on the water more often, faster and safer than traditional hard shell kayak users. It’s that simple! Because Folbots are more easily portable and storable you will be able to get out on the water in less time and that means you’ll have more time on the water. Gone are the days of trying to find the time to paddle, lugging that big, heavy kayak and attempting to safely strap it to your roof. Welcome to the day when you can grab your Folbot in its convenient backpack, toss it in your trunk and be out on the water within ten minutes of getting to your destination. And with over 80 years in business and a 100% satisfaction guarantee you are sure to experience what so many Folbot owners have already discovered. Welcome to the Folbot life! A Folbot life is where you can be spontaneous, adventurous, or just simply more active. Folbot makes it possible!  Unfold your adventure!

1933 London, England – Folbot was founded in 1933 in London, England by Jack Kissner. At that time there were several companies manufacturing folding boats for the European market. Folbot quickly gained a reputation for being a sturdy and stable boat, and got even more recognition because of the numerous records established, including the first circumnavigation of the UK, in this type of kayak.