Gibbon Spotting Cambodia is the first and original true trekking experience in Cambodia allowing wildlife lovers to see the newly discovered and incredibly rare ‘northern yellow-cheeked gibbons’ in their natural habitat.

We run two fantastic trekking experiences:
A 2 day/ 1 night experience and a 1 night express trek

Treks depart from Ban Lung in the Ratanakiri province of Northeast Cambodia.  Their treks run between the 1st November to the 16th June as these are the best times to track the habituated gibbon family that you see on the treks.

Gibbon Spotting Cambodia has created a simply amazing experience for everyone, their youngest trekker has been 9 and their oldest is 68. They really do go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable during your adventure in the jungle.  From using the best guides, equipment and serving a fabulous safari style menu at camp.

So if you’re feeling adventurous, love wildlife or are interested in biology and nature conservation and want that once in a lifetime unique experience to see, be part of and help protect an incredible species of gibbon then look no further than including this true eco-tourism experience in to your Cambodian holiday.

At 7pm you will meet at ‘Terres Rouges’ lodge for a trek briefing. It is the first opportunity for everyone to meet the people on their trek and to run over the final details so everyone knows what to expect. All participants then sign the consent form and the equipment waiver and are then free to enjoy their last night before the gibbon spotting adventure adventure begins.

Other Trek highlights:

  • Seeing B52 bomb craters which are now waterholes for resident animals
  • Seeing a salt lick, where monkeys, deer and forest cattle come to eat soil which is high in minerals
  • Bird watching in Veal Thom as the sun goes down
  • Walk the silvered langur trail; you just might see a monkey staring back at you.
  • Walk the resin trail and see how local communities collect tree resin sustainably to support their local livelihoods

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