Imagine waking up to it snowing inside your tent, clearly the consequences of cooking inside the night before. One of my colder nights I’ve spent on expedition and a near hypothermia feeling. Unzipping the tent to find clear blue skies, -20 and the few trees surrounding your camp covered in windswept crystals. What can possibly top this beautiful morning than to pop the kettle on and brew a dark roasted, powerful bodied, assertive coffee of rich taste with nuances of nuts and dark chocolate!

Having been on two expeditions, Growers cup has got to be the single most important thing I take, although my guides would beg to differ. However, having shared this coffee on these mornings, it’s clear I’m sharing the love.

This isnt just good coffee having been stripped of all your conveniences, this is better than that of the packet kept in my fridge at home. Of course everything tastes amazing in the colder climate, I’m not denying I grew a love for Cheese and chocolate spread sandwiches, whch quite frankly having brought back tubs of chocolate spread with nuances of salt! it never tasted the same again. BUT, Growers cup is Single Estate Speciality Coffee and we are so lucky to have been blessed with it.

I recently met the man responsible at The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show and I can genuinely say, I don’t think he knew quite how important it was to bring this innovative design to brew good coffee to the wilderness adventurer.

“It all started an afternoon in 2002, I found out that I had run out of paperfilters for my dripmaker and being pretty annoyed with the situation – I thought, “why isn’t it possible to brew a decent cup of coffee without machines or special brewing equipment”?

After many years of research, development of a number of different brewing concepts, tests, thousands of prototypes, and the engineering of new production technology, we are now ready to launch what is probably the most innovative and revolutionary coffee concept seen for decades”

Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen – Innovator and Managing Director

For the full story and to find the speciality coffee and teas that can be taken anywhere in the world without the need for a maker, visit: Growers Cup Website here.