lofoten-kajakk-logoKayaking in Lofoten – Sea kayaking expeditions (summer) With Lofoten Kajakk

Quests are tours where the guide has little knowledge of or has not been to the area before. The guide knows the area mainly from reading maps, stories or writings.

Lofoten Kajakk cooperate with you and/or your group to plan expeditions throughout North Norway and Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland. Expeditions last from 7 days up to 30 days. You become a full participant of the expedition in order to acquire knowledge in this particular type of planning.

Meticulous planning and navigation as well as good preparation of food for the entire trip is one of the most important factor for a successful trip.

The most extreme trips are organized in collaboration with an expedition leader who has extensive experience of such trips. Jann Engstad has an education with the British Canoe Union. There he has a network of contacts who have experience in guiding sea kayaking trips from the Antarctic to the Arctic. One of Jann’s instructors on the Star5 course, Olly Sanders, was the first to paddle across the Irish Sea. Moreover, tours around Scotland, Greenland and from Vadsø to Tromso are some of the expeditions that are on Olly Sanders list of achievements. Trys Morris Burke, who is an examiner for the BCU Star4 certification did a solo circumnavigation by kayak of Iceland in 2003. He has planned a longer trip around the Aleutian Islands next year. Also, Nigel Dennis is one of the few who has paddled in Antarctica. His expedition lasted 3 weeks, there was only 3 paddlers that were part of his team and they had no extra support! Both Trys Morris Burke and Olly Sanders are guides / instructors that Jann is working with on longer trips. Everything is possible with the right planning and personal skills to match the planned trip! Please contact Lofoten Kajakk if you have some wild plans!

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