Part of the Manta Trust’s mission is to raise awareness and provide education on manta ray conservation, the Manta Trust has teamed up with regional eco-minded tourism operators to provide ‘Manta Expeditions’. This is their newest venture in raising vital awareness for these animals, a series of liveaboard dive and snorkel trips that focus specifically on getting their guests in close proximity to manta rays, whale sharks and other ‘wish list’ marine species, while imparting expert knowledge and skills….

A core focus of the expeditions is to not only to provide close encounters with manta rays but to enthuse and educate divers in marine conservation issues and the environment surrounding them. Through a series of presentations on topics covering local marine species and habitats, The Manta Trust trips ensure that divers leave with an increased awareness of the threats these graceful creatures are facing and, perhaps more importantly, how they can help.

Workshops in collecting and recording manta ID images cements the theoretical and practical aspects of the research being conducted by giving divers the tools to get involved, knowing that they are contributing meaningful data to the project.  Divers are then able to continue this work on future dive trips by submitting  their ID shots on-line to the Manta Trust’s global database.

Their Expeditions Provide:

  • World’s leading manta experts as expedition leaders.
  • Expert knowledge to maximise close encounters with manta rays and other marine megafauna.
  • Informative presentations on the marine life and research initiatives.
  • Ability for guests to become actively involved in, and contribute directly to, meaningful research.
  • High end liveaboards with guest capacity reduced;  ensuring exclusive, enriched experiences.
  • World class opportunities for underwater photography.

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