Norrøna is for everyone who loves playful design and colors, as well as high quality and functionality.

Their mission is to make great products their way for people with an active lifestyle. Norrøna was founded on April 29, 1929, and has since been owned and run by the same family.

Their core values roots, innovation and passion make up the foundation of our their design philosophy: Loaded Minimalism™ – a philosophy that reflects Their drive to design clean products with all critical details.

Their product development is driven by extreme use: They make products for some of the most demanding users in the world, their dedicated testers. When they are satisfied, Norrona know that their products are good enough to use in the most demanding conditions within each activity.

Norrona believe in the heritage of craftsmanship. That´s why they never stop designing, sewing, cutting and gluing by hand. Most of their products are developed from start to finish in the prototype workshop at Hvalstad, on the outskirts of Oslo.

Norrona strive to minimize their environmental footprint by continually streamlining their value chain. They avoid air transport whenever possible.

A long product lifetime means the world to Norrona. Thus, a new Norrøna product is great, but a ten-year-old Norrøna product is even better.

Jørgen Jørgensen
Fourth generation owner

Ethical trade and minimizing their environmental footprint is important to Norrøna when it comes to their own concience, but also as a general foundation for good business practice.

Membership in the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway

Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (ETI-N) is a resource centre and an advocate for ethical trade practices and a committing partnership between companies, trade unions, NGO’s and public institutions. Through membership they are commited to report annualy on work and progress on ethical trade.
Download the 2012 report here.

Supplier list

If you would like to know where Norrøna’s products are produced, contact them here.

Environmental philosophy

Norrona strive to impose as little harm as possible to the environment throughout their value chain from the factory to the stores. They use environmentally friendly materials and techniques wherever possible. Norrona products have a long life span and service and repairs are offered for damaged products.

Recycling – from bottles to fleece

Norrøna uses recycled and recyclable material in many of their products. In 2012 Norrøna released the first fleece jacket made solely from recycled PET bottles. Read more.

pureOrganic™ Cotton

Organic cotton is produced without the use of harmful pesticides, harsh chemical bleaches or dyes and is allergy-free. Today Norrøna uses organic cotton in most cotton products and their goal is that all our cotton products are produced solely with organic cotton by 2014.


Animal welfare

Norrøna products and raw materials take into account humane animal welfare. They will not use wool from mulesing of sheep, the down they use is a bi product from the food industry and the animals have not been force-fed. Their Coyote fur is from Canada and the animals are put down by licenced hunters.

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  • Their product development is driven by extreme use
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