At Sea Sanctuaries, they’re determined not to let this vital area of marine biodiversity disappear. they’ve been working tirelessly with the local government to set up No Take Zones (NTZs) in the area to help protect the reefs and encourage repopulation. The result of this effort is two NTZs, totalling almost 70,000 hectares, in the Raja Ampat area. One is in the Pam archipelego around the uninhabited island of Penemu. The other surrounds the Bambu Islands, sometimes known locally as Mios.

Volunteer with Sea Sanctuaries and enjoy a unique opportunity to live in, experience, and help protect this remote corner of paradise.

From on board the Hang Tuah you are privileged to look out over the Dampier Strait and regularly see pods of dolphin and porpoise, turtles, marlin and manta rays passing by. When you are really lucky we can even spot migrating whales. There’s no shortage of life beneath the surface either, where their coral reefs are teeming with life. From sharks and trevally to blue ringed octopus and decorator crabs (not forgetting the pygmy seahorses) the check-list of things to find goes on and on.

Your time with Sea Sanctuaries will be spent diving – conducting marine life surveys to collect invaluable base line data – as well as helping with community projects. There’s time to explore the islands, hike through jungle terrain, visit sacred lakes or kayak around Secret Bay. And if, like, you just can’t get enough of the reefscapes and make time for fun dives too.

Additional Costs
Costs include transfers to Penemu from Sorong, and all food, lodgings, scuba diving and conservation training for the duration of your time in Penemu. It does not include flights, hotel stays in Sorong/Waisai en route to Penemu or the Raja Ampat entrance tag fee.

  • Flights to/from Sorong, West Papua
  • Visa on arrival (30 days): US $25
  • 30 day visa extension: approx Rp 250,000 (US $25)
  • Airport Taxes: domestic, Rp 40,000 (US $4); international, Rp 150,000 (US $15)
  • Hotels en route: Sorong/Waisai – Rp 400,000 – 450,000 (US $40-$45) pp/pn
  • Raja Ampat entrance tag fee: Rp 500,000 (US $50)
  • Personal items, snacks & souvenirs

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