henningsvaerMany destinations throughout the world depend on Sustainable Tourism. Its our role as responsible travellers to leave behind the good intentions we had when planning our adventure.

To protect communities and wildlife for generations to come and promote human and species coexistence by acting responsibly and following guidelines whilst exploring the wilderness.

To be amongst nature is to be at one with it, leaving no trace of our foot steps along our path.
We will offer advise on camping responsibly and safely as well as promoting low carbon activities and sports.

Although we don’t actively promote motor sports and power boating, it is important to understand that the use of motors in nature safaris and ocean wildlife viewing tours are in many cases inevitable for our safety. Keeping wildlife and ocean wildlife in cages and tanks for our entertainment is wrong.
Sustainable tourism can actively make the difference to local communities in promoting an alternative source of income opposed to that of the drive fisheries, whaling and trophy hunting safaris. We support responsible guides and tour operators who follow the guidance of conservation charities in keeping a distance, spending limited time near the animals and supporting the welfare of our wildlife through education. We will research our listed operators to ensure there are good measures in place and an alternative opportunity for the community to make a difference.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world


Mahatma Gandhi


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