Polar Night Exped Kit List

  • For your own records, we will send you a copy of the kit list and any hire request by email once submitted. We would appreciate you providing your sizes and to state which items you need to hire as soon as possible. Please also use the form to tick off your items when packing.

Required information:

  • Please give all sizes as accurately as possible. This is essential for all equipment and clothing provided and for hire purposes.

General Kit (for all activities and camping)

    Kit to bring:

  • We will be visiting the supermarket in Tromso to buy supplies. This will include our food on tours and camping. We can discuss the kind of food required for the itinerary on route.

Dog Sledding


  • Tore recommends that expedition members bring their own good wool/technical underwear/mid wear and socks as per "general kit"

Ski Touring


  • Kit to bring:


Sea Kayaking


  • Kit to Bring or Hire:

  • Bjorn has numerous items of paddling equipment, which expedition members can purchase or hire.
  • If you rent the dry suit these are provided
  • Specialist kayak equipment. Could be bought for 45 Euro. For info on pogies copy this link into browser: http://bjornskajakk.no/Default.aspx?tabid=113&List=1&CategoryID=561&Category2ID=564&Category3=Hender+og+hode&Level=3
  • If your bag allowance permits.



  • (Fuel for stove will be provided, but there will be a cost. Price depending on what type of fuel)
  • Kit to bring: